Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy WriteOnCon!

This is a thread for everyone to link me to their queries, synopses, and excerpts. I'd love to see everyone's work, and I will provide as much feedback if I can! Just because I can't participate in the agent free-for-all doesn't mean I can't have any fun. :D

And if you're unaware, there's a FREE WRITERS' CONFERENCE going on this week! What are you waiting for? Come play with us! There are "ninja agents" lurking in the forums, so by posting your queries and excerpts, you might get some valuable feedback... or maybe even catch an agent's eye!

So go forth and share your work. (And once you do, leave me a link in the comments!)


  1. Your feedback was so sweet and helpful! Thank you, Becky!

    Weren't there some amazing beginnings/query letters in the forums? It always gets me excited because I know lots of them will make it and eventually I'll get to read those awesome concepts in print. And when I do, I'll remember that I first saw them at WriteOnCon. :)