Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Open thread

First of all, welcome to all you fabulous new people from the Blogfest! I hope to get to know you all better soon. Thanks to everyone who visited Tiffany, Katrina, and Casey's blogs as well!

My posts here have been kind of sporadic as of late. As you new people will learn quickly (seeing as I never shut up about it), I am in the middle of extensive revisions that are basically eating up all my free time. In two chapters, I'll be halfway done - with this pass, at least. I definitely want to do another pass before sending it off to my betas, and then I imagine that I'll have several more tweaks to make before sending it off to the agent.

So yeah. No pressure or anything. But I'm loving every minute of the process, even if it's completely and utterly terrifying.

Anyway! I wanted to open up this post for introductions, Q&A, and whatever else strikes your fancy. If you'd like to know something about me, ask away! And if you'd like to tell me a little about yourself, your WIP, your favorite cheese, or whatever else, that would be really awesome!

(I'm only half-kidding about the cheese, by the way. This cheeseaholic is always looking for something new to try.)

Have a fantastic day, everyone. I'm off to get a closer look at some of these new blogs!


  1. Cheese is never something to joke about. I'm kind of addicted to brie.

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  3. By the way, I'm holding a Q&A over at my blog as well! Click here!

  4. Hey Becky! I answered your question on my blog:

    Click here!

    Also, I have a question for you: what do you do when you find yourself in a writing rut?

    Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar Cheese or Hot Habanero Jack -- two cheese my roommate & I bought from the Tilamook Cheese Factory on our road trip. Tasty, tasty, tasty. Unfortunately, my roommate left the garlic chili one in our hotel room fridge when we checked out, but I give her grief from time to time and she promises to order us more online. :DD

    Good luck with the revisions!!

  6. Hi, I'm new here. *waves* Nice to meet you. :)


    Also, good luck with revisions. They're my least favorite part of the process,
    but they're a necessary evil.

    Have a wonderful evening,

  7. Still waiting for an answer to my question :)

    And I answered your second one! Click here!

  8. The link's not working...I don't know why...Oh well!

    Also, another question: what are your favorite kinds of scenes to write?

  9. Eeeek! This thread totally got ahead of me. Sorry, guys!

    J.A and Lola, thank you and welcome!

    Marynoel, OH MY GOD THOSE SOUND AMAZING. Salivating over here!

    Tiffany - All right, here goes!

    For when I get in a rut, it sort of depends. Most of the time I try to push through it and do as much as I can. If I'm stuck, it generally means that the scene isn't really clicking for me, and it's a lot easier to manage when I have something I can work with. So sometimes I just have to keep going and tell myself I'll fix it later. And other times I take it as a sign that I need to step away and rethink the scene. It's about half and half!

    Favorite kind of scenes... hmm! I think I like dialogue-heavy character development scenes the best. They tend to flow a lot better for me. For action, description, and particularly important exposition, I have to do a lot more outlining and planning.

  10. Awww, you are my 1,000 blog follower. Thank you! :) I shall remember you forever.

    Also, and still...cheese. Mmmm. *drools*

  11. Becky, thanks for sharing! It's always cool to hear others' writing habits.

  12. Do you outline, or do you feel like your characters have a life of their own?

  13. Great question, Draven! I would say it's a mix of both. I do a rough outline for the plot events, foreshadowing, major character development moments, etc, but I let the characters fill in the blanks in-between. The outline itself is pretty fluid, too. I tend to shift things around as needed.

  14. Never worry about talking too much about your revisions. I remember you saying the notes you got for revision were epic, so I'm sure it's something that sucks up a lot of your time and focus. I'd be thinking about it a lot, too. Good luck!!

    My question: What do you do with Shiny New Ideas that appear at the WRONG time?

  15. Thank you, Katrina~!

    ROFL, that question is so very relevant right now! Lately I am constantly telling the Shiny New Ideas to shut up, sit down, and wait their turn. I am the kind of writer who needs to keep up a constant momentum with my projects, so if I get the ball rolling on something new, I won't stop. I know people who can work on multiple projects at once, and I seriously envy them. I sort of have to force the new ideas to the side until I have time to give them my full attention. It's really hard sometimes, though!