Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's the mooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeaaaaar

... no, not that one. It's October! Time to celebrate creepiness wherever I find it! HUZZAH.

Alas, though I'd wanted to do a proper Horror Blogging Month like I did last year, between the new job and my WIP, I have no life. But I am hoping to supply y'all with as many goodies throughout the month as possible: creepy writing music, some scenery inspirations for horror stories, whatever good recommendations I can scare up, and maybe even some flash fiction. Who knows!

But even more fun, I am going to have myself a little horror/mystery/thriller/paranormal reading marathon! Here's my fabulous list so far:

THE CAVENDISH HOME FOR BOYS AND GIRLS by Claire Legrand (accidentally read it last month... womp womp.)

TEN by Gretchen McNeil (read it on a flight this weekend, actually)

THE DIVINERS by Libba Bray

LONG LANKIN by Lindsey Barraclough

GIRL OF NIGHTMARES by Kendare Blake (having devoured the first book of the duology, ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD, last year)

And I'll probably stop there, lest I do nothing but read for the entire month.

I hope the rest of you are enjoying this time of the year as much as I am!

(And for those of you wondering about the revision status... it's complicated! It looks like I'll have to wait a bit longer for my happy ending, but I am moving forward - though not quite in a straight line. Cross your fingers for me?)


  1. I've got TEN on my Kindle right now. And I just finished FEEDBACK, which I loved! I read ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD and while I like the concept, I'm not sure the writing grabbed me quite enough to buy GIRL OF NIGHTMARES. It's on my radar, but there are a lot of other books I want to read first, I think. Like FLESH & BONE, which will probably be next after TEN.

    1. I hope you enjoy TEN as much as I did! I brought it on a one-hour flight and had finished all but the last forty pages or so when we landed. It's a total page-turner.

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