Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting started

Good morning! I feel like there needs to be a manual on managing a writer-blog. Tonight I need to find myself a suitable profile picture, and I think a little customization wouldn't go amiss, either. My tech-savviness does not extend to HTML, sadly, so we'll see what happens with that.

There are plenty of beginnings to go around lately. Yesterday I got some significant work done on a new story - I want to say it's my new big project, but I'm still leaving things open. It's been harder than usual to decide this time around. The querying process is filled with so much uncertainty (and so many mood-swings) that it can be hard to make myself commit to something. It was easier last time, when there was one story idea that was so much more developed than the others. This time, I had several ideas competing with each other. Sometimes I wanted to write them all, and sometimes I was sure that none of them were good enough.

But the thing about getting started is that my brain doesn't really start firing until I get going on something. Once I start writing, things start clicking into place faster than I can keep track. And I hit a point yesterday where everything was suddenly so much easier, all because I started to write a scene involving the core group.

I've been told that you can tell a lot about a person by the company they choose, so I guess it makes sense that my characters only start making sense when I delve into their relationships. On my last project, I actually took a trio of supporting characters and turned them into the protagonists just because I loved their group dynamic so much. The same goes for most of my other projects, really: the story only took off when I realized who was important to the protagonist and why. It gives me so much to work with in terms of the characters' personalities and interactions, which fills in so many blanks for me.

What about you guys? Is there an element that's important for you to understand before you really dive in?

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