Friday, July 29, 2011

Month of Reading All the Books

I've learned by now that life-changing things don't happen all at once, but it's especially noticeable this time. Last week I was scheduling appointments for myself and my future. And this week I'm back to scheduling appointments for my bosses. Pair that up with the natural come-down from a good vacation, and it has a bit of a whiplash effect!

I have a bit of a wait until the next step of the process, but that's not a bad thing. It'll be nice to have a break to detach myself from checking my phone and e-mail every fifteen minutes. But I don't want to use this time to jump headfirst into a new project, either. Once I start something, I like to keep a good momentum throughout. And besides, something tells me I'm going to learn a lot - I want to apply those skills to the new MS!

So instead, I'm going to use my break to do something else very important. I am going to READ ALL THE BOOKS!

... well, okay. Not ALL the books.

I think you guys will understand when I tell you I have a Problem. A Book Problem. In that if I see something I want, I will snatch it up, regardless of how many more books I have waiting for me. This leads to a sizable backlog in my To Read pile. And between a trip to Chamblin Bookmine (pictured above) with my mom, all the free books I snagged in San Diego, and the inevitable trek to the Borders sale, my pile is getting bigger and bigger.

So basically, the Month of Reading All the Books will focus on putting a huge dent in my To Read pile. And personally, I can't wait! I hope to recommend some of my favorites on here, but I am notoriously bad about writing coherent reviews for books I love. It usually ends up as me saying, "This is the best. THE BEST. ashgfjksksgl;dsd." But I will certainly try!

Feel free to join me!


  1. Can't wait to read your coherent reviews! :) I just had a month where I read five novels in a row, and that was a lot for me, but SO fun! I hope you enjoy your month o' books!

    And welcome to Afterglow! Your picture on the Reviewers page is charming!

  2. Thank you Katrina! I'm having fun already! :D