Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music and writing

Wow! It appears that I have followers all of a sudden! Welcome, guys!

Sorry for the radio silence on this end. Had a fairly intense couple of days at work last week, but now I am on VACATION and everything is beautiful! I also got some good news on the submission front yesterday... not an offer, but definitely some interesting and exciting things ahead, and a lot to think about this week. I can't wait to tell you guys what pans out.

In the meantime, I thought I would post about one of my favorite aspects of brainstorming: the soundtrack. I love making playlists for my stories. Sometimes I have specific character and relationship songs, but they generally follow a feeling more than anything else. The Grandmaster Draw playlist was surreal and creepy, and The Hungry Ground playlist had some dark, moody songs and some fast-paced chase music. My current project... mostly steals from the 'surreal and creepy' playlist, actually, but since it takes place in Tokyo, I got to use a lot of Japanese pop, too.

But there's always one song that I can play on repeat for days while I brainstorm for a project - the unofficial theme song. My favorite project theme song from my Hungry Ground playlist: Howl, by Florence and the Machine

What's your project's theme song?


  1. Hurray for vacation! Can't wait to hear the news, whatever the news might be.

    The first time I heard Florence sing, I wasn't sure what to make of her. A couple songs later she won me over. She's got a powerful voice.

    Making playlists is fun, but I tend to get carried away and waste so much time on them. Ha.

    I use Anberlin's "Paperthin Hymn" for my oldest project. It was such a perfect match.

  2. Hi Becky! I'd love to get in contact with you about our Mystery Agent contest and your entry, but can't find an email address. Could you please write me at katrina (dot) lantz (at) gmail (dot) com? Thank you!!

  3. Our Mystery Agent asked me for your email address and wants to contact you personally before you make your decision. :)