Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ready, Set, Sub!

Hello, loves, and welcome to my first post of 2013! It promises to be a very, very exciting year, with lots of great changes to come – you’ll see some announcements around these parts before long!

But first, something I must get off my chest...


(Y'all know you missed the multi-colored text. It is not a celebration without it.)

It's an interesting little in-between world I've stepped into, leaving the agent-hunt behind. It was easy to give into querying despair, especially toward the end there, but for the first time since early 2010, everything is new again. I can remember what it felt like to be at my college roommate's house during our February break, sending my first query in the midst of one of those classic New England snowstorms. I remember trailing after my friend during our shopping trip, checking my e-mail every two minutes, and hearing her remind me, very nicely, that it was a Sunday.

Granted, I am a little more jaded than 2010 Becky. I can (and will) still dream about a quick and wildly successful sub process, but I know now that these things can take time. Sometimes lots and lots of time.

So in learning to navigate this world, I'm keeping one eye on what is and the other on what might be. I'm going to start working in overdrive to balance the progress of my WIP with the needs of my day job, with the optimism that I will get the opportunity to tip that balance in favor of the former before long. I'm going to make time for things that make me happy and enrich my writing, like reading amazing books, seeing the sunlight on occasion, and working on my mindblowingly awesome just-for-fun cowriting project with my friend. (I highly, highly recommend the latter, by the way. It's like improv with plot outlines!) And I also want to make time to just think, reflect, and just exist in the world for a while, without anxiety gnawing at the back of my skull. I think that might be more helpful to my writing process than anything.

My only resolution for 2013 is to be brave, whatever that means in any given situation. And for this situation, it means that I'm going to tackle the next step head on and try to enjoy the ride. And wherever it takes me, I look forward to it.

Happy New Year, and I wish you all the luck in the world on your publishing journeys. I can't wait to see where you end up, too!


  1. Good luck! The only co-writing project I ever tried with a friend was a disaster. She was going for maudlin-serious and I tend more towards the absurdist-humorist. Those things only mesh well in Christopher Moore's books.

    1. LOL! There's definitely a compatability issue like that sometimes. I have friends who I've been able to enjoy long, involved cowriting projects with, but there have been many others that never got off the ground - and those were with excellent writers whose work I adore!

  2. I call this stage of the game "Submission Purgatory." At least when you are querying, you can keep tweaking your manuscript. Now it really is out of your hands.

    Luckily, Sara's hands are very capable! She'll take care of you.

    In the meantime, keep writing!

    1. Sara has been amazing so far! *squee* I still can't believe I made it here. Maybe it'll sink in for real one of these days.

  3. *waves pom poms* Here's to a 2013 to remember. Like the Titanic, except you don't sink. :P

    1. HEEE. Oh dear. Here's hoping we don't sink?

  4. Great news! Best of luck with your submissions and I hope you hear something soon. Hope you have a happy and very successful 2013!

  5. I have a very good feeling. 2013 is going to be your year, Becky! Woot!

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